The Return

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while. To be honest, I’ve been dealing with some stuff. Some of it I’m still dealing with, but other things are off the board for now.

First off, there’s my new CPAP machine. That has taken some serious getting used to. You try learning to sleep with what amounts to a fighter pilot’s mask on your face and see how well you do. On top of that, there’s the hose that connects the thing to the machine. I learned one valuable lesson after a night away from home: use a firm pillow. I have a bad habit of using a pillow till it’s not much thicker than a notebook, and that was causing problems with the mask. Then I had to spend a night in Branson and the quarterly Ozark Writer’s Conference and learned that a thick, firm pillow keeps the mask from trying to come off my face all the time. So on the trip back, I stopped by Walmart and bought a cheap pillow (cheap things are all I can afford).

Anyway, learning to sleep with that thing has made me tired and cut down on most of my writing activities, including this blog. I haven’t added as much to my WIP, either. About the only things I’ve made significant progress on are the two novels I’ve been editing for Oghma, and I just finished those up (well, first round on one of them, anyway, the other is done, for the most part), and that’s freed me up to make a blog post. I’ll get back in the swing of things, it’s just gonna take some time.

Another problem I’ve had with this blog is that I’ve tried a new technique that’s not really working out. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll notice I was trying to do three posts a week. This was because it was recommended in a book I read about blogging and using your writer’s platform. The idea being, if you post more, you’ll attract more traffic. So I decided to try it out. Problem is, it doesn’t really work very well for me. I have trouble coming up with good topics that often, so I think the quality of the posts—which weren’t the best in the world to being with, in my opinion—were suffering.

Coming up with topics that stick with a certain formula hasn’t been working very well for me for a long time now, so things are gonna change in that department. I’m not sure just how yet. Some of my posts may be a bit more personal, others might delve more into the history of crime (something I’ve intended to do for some time now), and others yet might…well, who knows? This blog was started to talk about writing and my experiences as an author. But, for me, that actually covers a wide range. And it seems I’ve gotten the most hits from my historical posts, too, which hold a lot of interest for me.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now, and you’ll likely see some changes in the future. They’ll likely seem minor in some ways, but they’ll be good for me because I’ll be talking about things that truly interest me, which should make the quality of the posts go up (fingers crossed).



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