Here We Go

Well, things are gonna get hectic for me now, so the posts might be hit and miss. I’m going to do my best to keep them regular if I can, but just so you know, I started school at Northwest Technical Institute this week, taking their Network/Computer Technician class. The advantage to NTI is that they offer an internship at the end of the course, and that might very well lead to a job in the IT field—and God knows how badly I need a good job.

Any of you who’ve done any kind of schooling past high school know that there’s a lot of work involved. No, this isn’t college, but the classes are credit toward an Associates Degree at Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC), so it’s not like they’re a breeze. I’m already tired out from the reading exercises lol.

But I’m excited, too, and already considering taking their Web Programmer course early next year. It’s only six more hours, and I’ll have taken most of the basic classes already. And it’ll widen my skills and marketability. Always a good thing, especially in a technical field.

The interesting (?) part is that I have to take a class called Technical Communication, which is a business writing class. You know, how to do resumés, reports, all that stuff. It’s an entirely different world from the fiction writing one I live in. I’ll have to practiced proper grammar and syntax, for crying out loud! But I don’t plan on letting it contaminate my creative writing. Not at all.

So that’s the scoop. I’ve written this post sitting at the library simply because, in all the hubbub of going through the first week of classes, I completely forgot to write a post beforehand, which has been my practice in the past. I hope it’ll continue in the future. They may be shorter posts, though (okay, you can pipe down on the cheering back there).




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