Everybody’s Wrong But Me

I’m going to deviate from the main topic this week, so if you don’t like rants, go read Hints from Heloise.

 Unless you’ve been hiding under an extremely large, remote rock on the dark side of the moon, you know about the dog-and-pony show Congress has been putting on lately. And it’s not a particularly good dog-and-pony show. In fact, I’d say it gets an emphatic thumbs-down.

It looks more like pro wrestling than democracy. And don’t even get me started on what I think of democracy. I’ll just sum it up in two words: mob rules.

Apparently, in order to get elected, you need to do two things: abandon any principles you might have (which are probably few) and learn how to point at everybody else. Everything else is just window dressing for that.

If you think we have a government of the people, that white stuff you put on your cereal every morning may not be sugar. Want proof? If the debt ceiling hadn’t been raised (according to numerous experts, anyway), two groups of people right at the top of the list not to be paid were those on Social Security and the military.

The ones who’ve already served their country or are currently doing so.

Nobody said a thing about Obama and Congress not getting paid.

Not that it would matter, since they’re all independently wealthy aristocracy, the only people who can afford to run for office these days. Want another smidgen of proof? Obama made $400,000 last year as president—and something like $5 or $6 million off a book he purportedly didn’t even write. I say we take away his presidential salary. What’s he need it for? It just puts him in a higher tax bracket.

And Congress? I’m not current on their average pay, but keep in mind that, as long as they serve for one day, they’re set for life. They get that pension forever more. Pretty good scam—er, job, if you can get it. Heck, if that was true in the private sector, I wouldn’t be writing this damn blog and trying to get published. I’ve had enough jobs, including in the military, that I’d have pensions coming in left and right.

But, see, a private corporation can’t afford to do something like that. Only the government can, because they can just steal it from Social Security and the military salaries. No problem.

What we have not isn’t democracy, and it’s certainly not representative. Consider: on the left, you have the Democrats, who can’t be swayed from their socialist agenda. We need a nanny-state government, and we need it now. Let the government deficit go higher and higher as we take care of you from cradle to grave, all the while telling you what’s correct and how you should conduct your life.

What was that noise? Oh, it was Jefferson rolling over in his grave. Sorry for the interruption.

Then there’s the Republicans: steering us in the direction of the mega-corporation imagined in so many science fiction stories, and they’ve got their feet on the accelerator, pressing it to the floor. The corporation is God and we must bow down to its greed and corruption. All hail the Profit!

Was that Franklin I just heard stirring around?

And, last but most certainly least, there’s the middle: small, ineffectual, jumping at its own shadow. Should it be politically correct? Should it grant concessions to Wall Street? Maybe Obamacare ain’t so bad, even if no one can figure out just what it says in its 2,000 pages (Nancy Pelosi: We have to pass this so you can see what’s in it. Huh? Aren’t we supposed to see it before it becomes law? Seems a bit bass-ackwards to me, but I’m just a private citizen, apparently too stupid to know what I need.)

Now they’re all rolling around in their moldy coffins.

And we have each and every one of these people pointing at the Outsiders (i.e., those not in my party) pointing and saying, “It’s their fault! If they’d just quit being so stubborn about holding onto what they want (which is entirely wrong, by the way), then we could solve all the country’s problems. It’s those pesky Democrats/Republicans/Independents/TEA Party members!”


Pardon my American.

But see, here’s the thing: we can only blame ourselves. We elected this pack of idiots, from the Big Kahuna on down, and ain’t one of ’em cares about anything except crafting enough lies to get (re)elected. And blaming it on the other guy.

Obama points at Congress. Congress points at the president. Dems point at Republicans, Republicans point at Dems, and they both blame the independents, the TEA Party and the populace as a whole.

Meanwhile, I may have to go on blood pressure medicine. We all might. Our so-called government is ignoring us, all while proclaiming they were elected to achieve their pet goals. Has it ever occurred any of them that the houses of Congress are balanced because we may not want them to achieve anything? Or, conversely, we don’t want it to be all one agenda or the other. We want some social programs, but we want corporations to shoulder some more of the burden of paying for these things (for example. I don’t know if that would work or not).

Consider this: the Dems want to remove the subsidies paid to oil companies because they’re making “obscene profits.” They ignore two things (and probably more): 1) the oil companies like their current level of profit. If they don’t get it from subsidies, they’ll just raise the price at the pump to make up for the shortfall; and 2), oil companies make less than fifty cents a gallon from gas. The rest is made up of federal/state/local taxes that go to pay Congressional salaries. And build bridges to nowhere. And protect five salamanders somewhere, whose contribution to the environment is “irreplaceable.”

Emerson, Lake and Palmer have an old song, the title of which escapes me right now, that begins with the line Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Or something like that.

So welcome back. It’s just getting started. Sit back, do nothing, we’ll take care of it for you, and take your money while we’re at it. It’s what you elected us to do, after all.




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