When Will it End?

Soon, I hope LOL.

Seriously, even with taking a few days of due to sickness (flu, I believe. Had it when I made my last post), I still passed 135,000 words as of today. In some ways, I’m starting to wonder if it’s getting too long. I know there are parts of it that will get cut, while others will get cut down in length. Like I said, I’m intentionally putting in more than I need. Makes it easier to take out what I don’t.

Probably, more than anything, this has taught me a lot about writing. For instance, I’m getting better at what I guess you’d call instant editing, where I write a phrase and immediately thing, I can do better than that! And, because I have the habit of reading the previous day’s writing before I start in order to get back in the flow, I do some minor editing then as well. Lately, though, I’m beginning to wonder if I should continue reading the previous day’s output because I’ve reached a point where, as I’m reading, I’m already writing the next section in my head. I just haven’t gotten up the courage yet to start cold. Seeing as how my brain stays busy with it all these days anyway (hell, it’s working on the next book, to an extent), maybe I no longer need to worry about starting cold.

How long it takes me to get my minimum is getting shorter. I guess it’s the old practice makes perfect axiom, though I make no claim to ever reaching that perfection mark. The more I do this, the easier the words come. the big question to me at this point is: will it last? I mean, it’s working right now, but will it on the next book. I guess I’ll just have to trust to the process and see.

I honestly think that, in some ways, the thing(s) that held me up was trying to use other people’s creative methods to write my books. For instance, I mentioned elsewhere on this blog (I hope I did, anyway) using the Marshall Plan to plot my space opera. Well, that one has died for now. Part of it, I believe, is not trusting in my own muse and process. The other, as a friend of mine pointed out, lies in the fact that not all the plot was mine. I’d plotted a lot of it with this friend, so it didn’t come from me. I think that might have been a good process if we had been writing it together, but it was supposed to be my story, and it ended up being ours. Which, I believe, stymied me, in the end. I’d still like to have a go at that one, but I’ll have to re-do it so that it’s entirely mine or it won’t work.

Okay, my daughter gave me this award:

Now,evidently one of the things I have to do is link back to her, which I am doing here. You can also find a link to her blog in my links on the side of the page. I’m also supposed to give this to some blogs that I’ve discovered and follow, but since hers is about the only one I have time to follow these days, with the loss of Internet connection at home, I’ll either have to forgo that this round or do it another day. I’m also supposed to list some things, which I did not come prepared to do, but I’ll work on it at home and post it next time around. It’ll give me something different to write about, since I really don’t like constantly talking about the one novel I’m working on right now. I realize my blog is supposed to be about me and my writing, and I’ll keep doing that. But I’m finding that when I’m in the middle of my creative bursts like this, I have a hard time being creative in other things outside of the novel.

However, I do want to thank Jesi once more for the award. Getting it from her means the world to me.

Other than that, not a lot going on. Still recovering from being sick, so my thought processes aren’t the greatest yet. I’ll just leave it at that.




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