Well, evidently that little time off I mentioned in my last post helped a lot, because I’ve written close to 12,000 words since then. Not bad, eh? LOL. Actually, for me, that’s downright amazing. I don’t think that I’ve every written that many words in such a short time span.

I do want to take this opportunity to point something out: if it sounds like I’m bragging and being egotistic about this, that’s not what I mean. In fact, I report these numbers because, to me, they’re amazing. It’s more output than I’ve ever had and I find the numbers to be a little unbelievable. So, yeah. Amazed and grateful to my muse. I guess that’s the best way to put it

I got two more agent rejections this week to balance it out, though, so no ego trips here.

Anyway, things are starting to line up to finish this novel, and when I put it aside I think I’ll go back and re-write my urban fantasy. Though I’m shopping it around, I’m no longer entirely happy with the voice I use in it. I wrote it at least five years ago (which I think I may have mentioned), and the style I use is entirely different from how I write now. Plus, in thinking about it, I’ve come up with a new approach to the story, one that I guess you’d say isn’t so…nice. I mean, for an urban fantasy, it’s starting to seem pretty tame, too. What I mean is, there’s the exterior conflict of the plotline (which will remain largely intact at this point), but the characters themselves don’t conflict with one another much. And when you consider that a major hinge of the plot is that a Magus and a vampire, normally very much enemies, have to form an alliance and they do so with very little friction, well…just doesn’t seem quite authentic to me anymore.

I guess maybe I was being naive when I wrote it. Or maybe lazy. After all, if I just deal with the exterior conflict I don’t have to plot how to bring these two together when all they really want to do is kill one another.

But that’s for the future. I still need to finish Pipeline.

Not much else to say this time around. And yes, Jesi, I know I didn’t deal with the award you gave me. Turns out I’m rushed again today. Sorry.




2 thoughts on “Bragfest?

  1. Russell

    Excellent production, Gil. If you were getting paid by the word you’d be a millionaire by now. When I compare my writing style now to where I was three to five years ago I see a lot of difference too–hopefully, that translates to improvement. I know I’m getting fewer “red marks” on my returned copies from the critque group. Growth is challenging, sometimes painful, but often a lot of fun. We’re very fortunate to be involved with such a good group of talented writers that care about each other and want to see all of us become better at the craft.

    1. gilmiller Post author

      Well, I doubt I’d be a millionaire, but I’d be up there somewhere that I wouldn’t have to worry about money so much. And wouldn’t we all like that!

      Yes, i feel like we’re in a good group, overall. My daughter’s group doesn’t even do readings and critiques. To each their own, but I’m not sure the purpose of a writing group that doesn’t do that. They do writing exercises, like five minutes to write from a prompt, and they take workds home to include in a story, but I’m not sure what they do beyond that. She seems to enjoy it, though, and I won’t actually put them down for how they do things. Maybe she’ll comment here and enlighten us po’ i’norant folk in Arkinsaw on how they do things out there in the Big City LOL.


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