And It Just Keeps Rollin’…

Well, Pipeline just keeps on going. I’m over 80,000 words now and starting to suspect that it’s gonna end up being a longer book than I originally thought. I was shooting for around 100,000 when I started writing, but now it’s gone up to 120,000 and there’s a slight possibility at this point that it could go higher. Lyle just got involved in a shoot-out at the border and that will complicate things as he took part in it while on the Mexican side. Can you say “international incident”? Of course, being who he is, he has help but this puts them in a delicate situation, to say the least. And to complicate matters even more, it took place at a border crossing, so the Border Patrol got involved as well. Basically some Zetas attacked a carload of Sinaloa Cartel soldiers right in front of Lyle and only about 100 feet or so from the border crossing. Since I’m writing this one seat-of-the-pants, I didn’t see this coming and I’m not sure how it’ll work out in the end. I love it!

So that’s where I’m sitting at right now: last I looked, Lyle was still sitting in an office in the Border Patrol building waiting for a phone call from his handler. Guess I’ll find out how that goes in the next couple days. At least a little bit. Like I said, it’s complicated and it could have far-reaching implications. For instance, one of the Sinaloa guys died and Lyle snatched his gun to defend himself. It was a CAR-15, though, and the question naturally arises: what the hell were they doing with one of those trying to cross the border? Keep in mind that the Sinaloa Cartel is presently the largest  of the Mexican cartels and its leader, Joaquin Guzman, escaped from a Mexican maximum security prison in 2001 and is currently living in hiding (last I saw in my research, anyway) in an anonymous town in Sinaloa with the full knowledge and protection of the mayor. He was also listed as number 701 of the world’s top 1000 richest men. Go figure.

Betcha he still won’t die of old age, though, unless they get him back in prison. And maybe not then.

You learn some scary things when you start researching things like this. Very scary.

Well, I think that about sums it up for this time around. Not much, I know, but I”m concentrating on getting the story out and that seems to leave little room for any other kind of writing, including this. Maybe having to drive into town and go to the library has something to do with it, too.




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