And the Road Goes Ever On…

Well, since I haven’t updated in a couple weeks, I suppose I should. Pipeline is still going well. I’m over 70,000 words as of last night and I think I’m around halfway through, maybe a little more. I find I have to take breaks, but never more than two days in a row. That means that I’ve managed over 62,000 of those words in 26 days of writing. Probably a record for me. No, no “probably” about it. It is a record.

Feels good to have one rolling along like this. I’ve had so many ideas that seemed to be good and then fizzled out after 50 or 100 pages (or whatever). The downside to writing the way I do. But, the outline method just doesn’t really work for me. Takes out all the spontaneity and I get bored with it. Yes, I still need to have an idea of where I’m going (though I may have had a change of heart on how this one will end), but I don’t need detailed MapQuest directions to get there. If I’d had that, I may not have had that shootout with a whacked-out Kentucky family show up in the story. It just popped up in my head and I used it.

I am getting a better handle on where this story will go, too. The alternate ending I’ve come up with gives me the opportunity for a sequel of sorts if this one is successful (and if I feel like writing one LOL). It will involve different characters for protagonists (yes, more than one). But at this point it’s just something I’m toying around with. The ending for Pipeline could still change back to the original or to something else entirely. Hey, I’m just taking dictation here LOL.

I also am working on an idea for a dystopian novel set in the near future, maybe fifty years or less. Right now I’m just getting ideas that flesh the world out and give it some authenticity. Basically, I started putting a lot of news items together, like the mandate for ObamaCare and several other things the government, and this administration in particular, seem bent on doing to add further restrictions and mandates to us everyday people. No, I do not like the Obama Administration. I didn’t like Bush, or Clinton, and I highly doubt I’ll like whoever replaces Obama (at least I hope somebody does. I’d hate to see him pull a Micheal Bloomberg and get the law changed just so he can serve more than two terms).

Personally, I think authors should do that: make you think. We should come up with “what-ifs” and then imagine some possibilities. I don’t think we should write allegories. If I write this one, it will be primarily for entertainment. Sure, someone could come along and say, “Well, I don’t believe our freedoms will be taken away like that.” If that’s your opinion, you just go right ahead believing that. It’s your right. History will show otherwise, though.

Enough of that. This isn’t a political blog. The point is, for me it makes good material for a dystopian story. Yeah, it’ll probably come out sounding like some kind of conspiracy theorist’s wet dream, but isn’t that what most dystopian novels do? Starting with 1984, all the ones I’ve read have some sort of repressive governmental system in them. And, for all I know, it’ll never get written. Just something I’m toying around with for now.

Other than that, not a lot is going on. I’m still shopping my urban fantasy around. I have two rejections so far, but I think I’ll see a lull in those during the holidays. I got one request to resubmit after the first of the year, and since a member of my writing group was able to sneak one in to a small press mag that was closed to submissions till the first of the year, I get the feeling a lot of them might sort of shut down this time of year. All that egg nog, I would think.

I’ll keep you updated, and you can bet that, if I get a bite, I’ll announce it here.




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