Still At It

I just thought I’d tell everyone that I’m still at it. I sent off something like six queries today, so I’ve got my fingers crossed about that. Pipeline is still going great, too. I have to keep a notebook on the desk in front of me with a pen handy because I’m getting ideas as I write, and if I don’t stop to jot them down they get away from me. Again, it’s a process that seems to be perpetuating itself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

On another note, I was talking to my cousin who writes about Pipeline this past Saturday night and he told me that he’s writing a short story about a guy involved in the meth trade. And on Thanksgiving day, another cousin talked to me about doing a book called Rural Empires concerning two families in the drug trades, one that mainly markets meth and the other marijuana. I’ve actually invented the meth family and included them in Pipeline as my character’s way of moving up toward the cartel. I’ve always enjoyed it when things intersect between books, so it’s hard to resist doing it myself when I get the chance. Even if one of those worlds hasn’t really been created yet. I bring these coincidences up, though, because of another coincidence: an article in the latest Writer’s Digest on just this phenomenon of shared ideas coming up at the same time. I guess because of the violence in Mexico and the increasing problem meth seems to represent, it’s only natural that people would get similar ideas, especially in an area like this where lots of the stuff gets moved around and used. Or so I understand.

Other than that, not a lot is going on. Oh, I’ve decided that I want to enter the “Crosstown Traffic” short story (you can read it on this site if you haven’t already) in the annual Writer’s Digest competition. Grand prize is $3,000 and a trip to New York at their annual conference, along with you material shown to four different publishing people (agents and/or editors). I figure I might as well. What do I have to lose besides the entry fee?

I hope things are going good for the other writers out there.




3 thoughts on “Still At It

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  3. gilmiller Post author

    I appreciate your comments. Thought I’d posted them last time I was here. Hope you continue to enjoy them. Haven’t had a chance to check out that app yet, but I will. Thanks for that, too.


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