Technical Difficulties

Well, to make a long story short, right now I don’t have a computer. Mine locked up on me Friday night and now all it does when I push the power button is the light fades on and off. I have it at a friend’s house and he’s gonna look into it for me this week and, by next weekend, I should have another working computer.

In the meantime, I bought a notebook and some pens and I’m continuing my PersoNo by hand. I estimate I wrote about 2000 words last night, so that’s all to the good. But that means there probably won’t be any posts the rest of the week, and they’ll still be more rare than they have been because I lose Internet access the 10th (Wednesday). I’ll keep writing, though, and find a way to submit to more agents because I have to do something to get some income. It’s like life is pushing me to be a full-time author. I hope I get to.

So all you NaNo writers, keep it up! I’ll keep going somehow here and be back in business soon. Till then, good luck and good writing.


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