I take my writing seriously, or at least I have in, oh, the last couple of years or so. Becoming a published (and hopefully full-time) writer is my dream and I am pursuing it in earnest. Or, alternatively, you could say I’m pursuing it seriously.

Maybe too seriously.

Someone whose opinion I value highly has informed me that my blog isn’t laid back enough and is therefore boring. I won’t name who this person is out of respect for his/her privacy, and this person shall remain nameless unless he/she chooses otherwise. Having said that, however, their statement got me to thinking: even though I take my writing seriously, that doesn’t mean I have to post blogs that sound like professorial lectures. After all, I enjoy writing, and I’m not going to achieve my goal of attracting and holding an audience for this blog unless I’m also entertaining. So, I’m not being emo here. I’m just taking the comment, uh, seriously.

So how can I be seriously entertaining?

Good question. The only thing I know to do is change my language. I mean, I hate to use this word again, but I take this person’s opinion seriously. But, at the same time, I can’t force a more laid back attitude because it would come through as false. So I guess what I’m gonna have to do is try to slowly change the way I’m doing these things and yet still stick to the things I want to talk about.

So I jumped over to John Scalzi‘s blog again and looked at it. He’s been blogging for like twelve years, every day (except for one incident I’ve found in which he let others do guest posts while he took six weeks off to catch up on work and go on vacation with the fambly), and I figured his would be a good example. After all, he’s got experience. And here’s the thing: he writes about whatever’s on his mind that day. Sometimes more than once.

On the flip side, when I was doing basic research on blogging before setting this one up, one of the tenets put forth was that all successful blogs concentrate on one theme or subject. They don’t stray from their intended subject matter (there I go again, sounding like a durned perfessor).

Well, guess what? My blog is supposed to be about the writing life. And the writing life doesn’t consist of discussing writing all the time, and certainly not sounding like a professor trying to put his class to sleep. I think maybe the operative word in the phrase “the writing life” is “life,” not “writing.” There are things that affect my life other than writing (gasp!), and I’ll try to cover some of those things as well. Though I think I’ll take a cue from the Masonic lodge bylaws (yes, I’m a Mason, and I’m still waiting on my New World Order credit card so I can buy a country. It’s all part of our nefarious scheme to take over the world, don’t you know): I will not discuss religion or politics. My religion is mine, and politics is too touchy a subject. If I decide to discuss politics, I’ll start a separate blog, but that’s not likely to happen. I don’t have time for two blogs. Gotta work on my (hopefully) paying writing  too, don’tcha know.

So, look for some slight changes to this blog. It’s a learning process, just like fiction writing, so that kinda stands to reason. I mean, look back at my first couple of posts: no links. That’s because I’m doing this through a kinda trial and error thing and didn’t discover the app that brings in links until after I’d already posted a couple times. Then, when I turned it on, it took another post to figure out (duh!) that I didn’t have to include all the links (or tags) offered. I can just highlight the ones I want and ignore the rest. Go figure.

Guess it’s a good thing I’m learning all this early in the process. I might actually be able to get some attention with this blog someday, and I want to make the most of it. And the one or two of you who are reading it now will be able to say, “I read it when.” If that happens, I’ll send you autographed copies of…something. Maybe this blog. If I can figure out how to sign it without messing up my monitor.

Okay, enough of that. More laid back doesn’t mean being lame. And I’ve probably rambled on enough about this as is. I hope this improves the blog, though. Let me know what you think as I adapt to this.



PS. You’ll notice, if you look at  the tags, that there’s one called FAQs Help and Tutorials. Maybe I’ll go over and look at that.


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